Street / Integrated Waste

  • Street Maintenance

    Performs general asphalt repairs, replacement of damaged/lifted sidewalks, drive approaches and misaligned curb and gutter, repair of potholes, response to service requests and emergency situations such as spills and traffic accidents and special projects as required.
  • Traffic Control and Signage Maintenance

    Responsible for sign repairs/replacements/ upgrades, painting of all pavement legends, line striping and City owned parking lots. Performs repainting of 23,000 lineal feet of red curb; 26,400 lineal feet of 4, 8, 12 and 24? white striping; 14,700 lineal feet of 12? yellow striping; 2,840 miscellaneous white and yellow pavement markings/legends; installation, maintenance and repair of approximately 6,000 signs Citywide and the removal of illegally posted signage. The Division is also responsible for administration of contractual line striping services for the repainting of 48,000 lineal feet of painted centerline and 18,000 lineal feet of lane line, as well as, installations and modifications requested by the Traffic Safety Committee. The Division is also Responsible for , maintenance of public parking stalls, crosswalks, curb markings, etc. It also manufactures, installs and maintains regulatory signs (stop and speed limit signs), warning signs (school zone and school crossing signs), street name signs, etc.
  • Storm Drain Maintenance

    Inspects, semi-annual cleaning, and maintenance of the storm drain system (including substandard catch basins).
  • Street Sweeping

    Responsible for weekly street, median and alley sweeping totaling approximately 14,400 curb miles to comply with storm water regulations (NPDES permit), annual cleaning of over 140 City owned drains and catch basins and supplemental tree trimming for sweeper clearance. The Division is also responsible for administration of contractual parking lot sweeping services for 63,033 square yards of parking area at City owned lots and facilities and the routine maintenance of four designated disposal sites. Click Here For Street Sweeping Schedule.
  • Sidewalk Maintenance

    Repairs and maintains sidewalk, curbs, gutters, and driveway approaches. Also responsible for maintaining decorative sidewalk on Ramona Boulevard and Maine Avenue.
  • Integrated Waste Management

    (IWM) This includes offering the collection of refuse, yard trimmings and mixed recyclables in either separate automated containers or 1-3 cubic yard bins, whichever is the most appropriate, to all residents and businesses. Residential bulky items are collected in a free separate manual collection program at no extra charge to residents.
  • Recycling Collection and Waste Reduction Programs

    Responsible for the City's compliance with the California Integrated Waste Management Board's Assembly Bill of 1989 (AB 939), including: Residential Curbside Recycling Collection, Residential Green Waste Collection, Used Oil Program, Technical Assistance programs and Public Education & Community Outreach. Participation in the recycling programs allows residents and businesses to save money by reduce the size and/or the frequency of collection of their refuse containers or bins.
  • Refuse Collection

    Responsible for the Management of the Residential and the Commercial Refuse Collection Programs in Baldwin Park.
  • Graffiti Abatement

    Responsible for proactive graffiti removal by sandblasting, paint over and cleaning at over 12,000 locations (average) per year. Program provides eradication services to both public and private properties where graffiti is visible from the street.