Redevelopment Project Areas

West Ramona Redevelopment Project
The West Ramona Redevelopment Project was adopted on September 6, 1979 and amended on September 19, 1984. It consists of 14 acres located along Ramona Boulevard between the western City limits and Baldwin Park Boulevard . This was a section of the former Pacific Electric Red Car right of way. The project area is built out for all intents and purposes, mostly developed with multifamily residential and a small commercial retail use. 

Puente-Merced Redevelopment Project
The Puente-Merced Redevelopment Project was adopted on August 16, 1978, amended on June 16 and December 5, 1984, and is comprised of 17 acres. Located near the I-10 freeway at Merced and Puente Avenues, this project area mainly consists of the Baldwin Park Towne Center that is anchored by the new Home Depot and San Gabriel Valley Hotel and includes Starbucks, Guadalajara Grill, McDonald's and Denny's. 

San Gabriel River Redevelopment Project
The San Gabriel River Redevelopment Project was adopted December 2, 1976 and comprises 189 acres of primarily industrial uses. It is located in the northwest part of the City, along the 605 Freeway between Live Oak Avenue , the San Gabriel River and Los Angeles Street . 

Central Business District Redevelopment Project (CBD)
The Central Business District Redevelopment Project Area was adopted February 3, 1982, amended on May 19, 2004 and consists of 130 acres along Maine Avenue between Ramona Boulevard and Los Angeles Street . It exhibits a variety of land uses. There are tremendous opportunities for commercial and residential uses along Maine Avenue and industrial uses in the eastern portion of the project area. The Metrolink Station is in the project area near the downtown civic center. 

Delta Redevelopment Project Area
The Delta Redevelopment Project Area, adopted on December 21, 1983, is comprised of 22 acres and located in the southwest portion of the City at the intersection of the I-10  and I-605 freeways. The principal land uses in the area are industrial, governmental and some open space. This project is built out. 

Sierra Vista Redevelopment Project Area
The Sierra Vista Redevelopment Project Area, adopted on July 2, 1986 and amended on December 3, 1997, is the newest and largest project area.  It consists of 500 acres along both sides of the I-10 freeway. There is also a small, non-contiguous area located east of the Redevelopment Project Area. The project area has a mix of land uses that include industrial, commercial and multi-family residential. One of the main objectives of the Redevelopment Plan is to mitigate the impacts that the I-10 freeway has on adjacent residential uses. The proposed Sierra Expansion Project will be located across Baldwin Park Boulevard from the Target Center and will feature Smart & Final, CVS Drugs and an IHOP restaurant.