This division is in charge of complimentary key functions and detailed as follows:
  • Street Tree Maintenance

    Responsible for planting, trimming, tree removals, and overall care of street trees (including, pesticide spraying of street trees for disease and insects). Ensure that all City owned trees are maintained in a safe condition to reduce the Cities liability and provide a pleasing urban forestry environment.
  • Park Landscaping / Street Median Maintenance

    Responsible for the care of parklands, landscaped medians, unmaintained parkways and utility easements. Provide comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Program to the City's horticulture environment, for an aesthetically appealing atmosphere for the general public.
  • Irrigation

    As part of the landscaping operations watering is an integral function and maintenance of all systems is also included as part of that function. Annual schedules are set up to test back-flow preventors, timers, air release valves as required annually by the local and State Health Department codes. Provide Inspection and technical information for new landscape projects and design work. Provide optimum efficiency though water conservation throughout the City's landscape methods.
  • Bus Shelter and Transit Maintenance Program

    Responsible for maintaining approximately 180 bus shelters and bus stop locations. Ensure all advertising enclosures are visible and graffiti free. Maintain the Metro-Link loading and unloading platform and surrounding areas. Also included are the Park and Ride location at the corner of Ramona Boulevard and Badillo Street and the Metrolink parking area.
  • Court Referral Program / General Relief Program

    This program provides a cost savings by increasing the number of available labors through the use of the court referral system. This program provides participants an exchange for credit for community service owed to the Los Angeles County 's judicial court system.