Cove Violations

Paying for a Code Violation

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Corrective Action

Overgrown vegetation/watering, maintaining parkways: BPMC § 95.02(I)

Mow, trim and remove all overgrown, dead and diseased vegetation from the property, including all front yard areas, parkways, and alley/private road areas or other area visible from the public right of way.

BPMC 97.049(A) No person shall fail, refuse or neglect to keep the sidewalk or parkway in front of his property in a clean condition and free of all accumulations of weeds, dirt and debris

Remove all dead, diseased and overgrown vegetation from sidewalk, easement, common driveway areas, and parkways.

Roosters : BPMC § 153.12.140 (a-d)

Animal Violation excessive animals(dog, cat) prohibited animals

b. (A) You are permitted the following; (1) No more than 3 weaned domesticated dogs, (2) No more than 3 weaned domesticated cats, (3) Fish, provided that the total aquarium gallons be less than 100 gallons and kept inside the building, (4) No more than 6 canaries, finches, parrots, and other similar predatory birds kept within the dwelling. Exceptions: (a) No more than a total of 24 above-described birds per residence, located within the R-1 Zone, may be kept outside the dwelling (Birds shall be caged at all times) (b) No more than 3 hen chickens, Roosters are NOT permitted and must be removed (c) All permitted fowl are to be located outside the dwelling but must be kept in cages within the rear yard area and must be located a minimum of 15 feet from any habitable building.

c. You MUST  provide copies of the license and vaccination to the Code Enforcement Department(2nd floor)

If you have ROOSTERS you will have to surrender the roosters to the Los Angeles County Animal Control Department. If you voluntarily select to surrender the roosters to animal control, you may either take the rooster(s) to the animal shelter or you may call animal control for a scheduled pick up by the animal control officer. However there is a fee for pick up of each rooster. Contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control  Department for fees questions and concerns. 626 962-3577

Garage conversions   CBC § 105.1 and BPMC 150.060

Except as specified in this Part, no building, structure or building service equipment regulated by this chapter and the technical codes shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished unless a separate, appropriate permit for each building, structure or building service equipment has first been obtained from the Building Official

Obtain all necessary permits to restore the garage to original use including permits to disconnect and cap all sewer/plumbing. If applicable immediately cease allowing any illegal occupancy of the garage.

Bulky items(52 free pick ups per year BPMC § 50.09(A)

Each customer shall provide for the collection of bulky waste by the franchisee when such bulky waste exists on the premises such customer owns or occupies or when bulky waste is located in the right-of-way immediately adjacent to such premises. - All Bulky Waste must be placed out for collection no earlier than Thursday night 6pm for the Friday morning pickup by Waste Management. Any Bulky items placed prior to Thursday evening 6pm will be in Violation and must be removed immediately, if the Bulky waste is not removed from the Public Right of Way within 24 hrs you shall be subject to an administrative fine. Remove all Bulky Waste items from the Public Right of Way immediately. Contact Waste Management at (800) 266-7551 and schedule a pickup.

Storage of vehicles: BPMC § 153.120.450 & 153.120.460

Immediately cease the storage of vehicles in a commercial or industrial zone and remove them from the property. Failure to remove the vehicles may result in Parking Citations and/or impounding of the vehicle.

Canopy: BPMC § 153.130.120  (A) (1-4) Canopy in Public View, Public Right of way, front or side yard or driveway.

Remove all canopies/tarps and frames from public view within 72 hours prior to due date indicated on the Notice of Violation.

Trash cans in public view: BPMC § 95.02(D)

Remove all trashcans from public view or location which causes odors to others, trash receptacles must be stored to the side or rear of the property behind a view-obscuring fence or out of public view IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRASH IS REMOVED FROM CONTAINERS ON TRASH DAY.