GoSGV Regional Bike Share Program

We're excited to announce that Gotcha's new electric share bike system is up and running! Download the Gotcha Mobility App to rent pedal-assist bikes. It costs $2 to unlock and $0.10 per minute of ride time. These bikes offer an easy way to take short trips around town while avoiding traffic and reducing emissions from single-occupancy cars.

How it Works

  • Download the Gotcha Mobility App for iOS or Android
  • Create an account using your email and phone number
  • Find a map using the app
  • Scan the bike to unlock it and go for a ride
  • Park the bike at a hub marked in the app and lock it again
  • End your ride in the app

New to electric bikes? Learn more about how to use them here: ridegotcha.com/locations/sgv

Questions about the new Baldwin Park bike share system? Gotcha’s team is happy to help. You

can call/text them at 844-254-7174 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GoSGV is a new regional e-assist bike share program organized by San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) that will offer an accessible and affordable transportation option to the San Gabriel Valley through shared-use electric assist bicycles.

South El Monte is the first city in the San Gabriel Valley to launch the bike share program. Starting with 30 bikes in the City of South El Monte, GoSGV will expand over the next year to 840 bikes stationed at bike share hubs in half of 31 cities and unincorporated community in the San Gabriel Valley.

The program is made possible through the SGVCOG) supported by a $4.554 million state greenhouse gas reduction grant and operated by Gotcha, a national private shared-mobility firm.

Electric-assist bicycles are similar to regular bikes but have pedal assist which help riders by boosting their pedaling efforts, making it easier to climb hills, travel longer distances and assist individuals with physical limitations that prevent extended cycling. GoSGV bikes can be returned to stations, or elsewhere for a small fee. Gotcha is responsible for ensuring that e-bikes are maintained at stations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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