The City is implementing the Barnes Park Multi-Benefit Stormwater Capture Project (Project) in alignment with the requirements set forth by the Los Angeles County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit and Upper San Gabriel River (USGR) Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP).  The Project will provide multiple benefits while assisting the City in addressing regulatory requirements.  Project goals are summarized as follows:

  • Enhance water quality locally and in downstream water bodies (San Gabriel River)
  • Contribute towards the City’s EWMP implementation goals
  • Reduce local dependency on imported water through groundwater recharge
  • Educate local communities through education and outreach
  • Leverage available funding sources
  • Reduce localized flooding in the Project drainage area
  • Expand the park to provide increased green space and public amenities
  • Provide community enhancements through surface restoration and improvements

Stormwater Improvements

The Project captures runoff from a drainage area over 440 acres in size.  Runoff generated within the drainage area will be diverted from the local storm drain/drainage systems, pretreated, and then conveyed into a subsurface storage system for infiltration.  The subsurface infiltration system will have an approximate footprint of 0.5 acres (20,000 square feet) with a storage capacity of 4 acre-feet.  During the design storm event, the Project will capture over 16 acre-feet of runoff for groundwater recharge (over 5 million gallons).  Runoff will be captured from the storm drain on Bess Avenue along with a series of surface diversions on Patritti Avenue and Syracuse Avenue south of the park.  Flow meters and valves will be used to measure Project benefits and control the system.  Additionally, improvements will be made at Barnes Avenue and Aukland Street and Syracuse Avenue and Finchley Street to address local flooding observed in the Project’s drainage area.

Surface Improvements

New community improvements and enhancements are being included as part of the surface improvements included as part of the Project.  Barnes Park will be expanded on to the north, as indicated in the schematic figure above.  Additional surface improvements will also be incorporated at the existing park space.  The existing park will be almost fully demolished, except for the existing building, splash pad area, and a portion of the parking lot, and replaced with new and enhanced features. Park improvements will include the following, many of which are depicted in the figure below:

  • Additional parking through an expanded parking lot and new street-side diagonal parking along Patritti Avenue south of the existing parking lot
  • Modified and new trails around the park
  • Two new basketball courts north of the existing building (replacing the one basketball court that exist under the existing conditions)
  • Grass/turf improvements and space for two soccer fields
  • New futsal court in the expanded park area with seating for spectators
  • Drought tolerant landscaping, trees, and new irrigation system
  • Surface swales with pedestrian bridges, especially on the north side of the park
  • New dog park area on the south side of the existing park with fences and monument signs to create both a small dog area and an area for dogs of any size
  • Play lots will be replaced with new equipment, new shade structures, and a larger playground that will feature big and small kid play areas, tables, benches, and an exercise equipment area.
  • New and improved shade shelters with tables, grills, and other amenities
  • Space for movies and shows in the park (allow for equipment to be temporarily used)
  • Water features near the recreational building
  • Fencing/wall enhancements around the park and along the expanded perimeter
  • Improved lighting throughout the park, including pathway and sports lighting



Funding for this Project has been provided in full or in part from the following:

  • Los Angeles County Flood Control District’s Safe, Clean Water Program
    • Infrastructure Program administered through the Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Area Steering Committee (USGR WASC)
    • Municipal Program funds administered to the City of Baldwin Park
  • California Department of Parks and Recreation Proposition 68 Statewide Park Program
  • City of Baldwin Park



Construction is anticipated to start in Fall 2023 and last for approximately one (1) year.  Partial park closures are anticipated in the field for a majority of the construction duration, while the walking path and other park amenities may be available during portions of construction.  The schedule will be updated periodically to include additional details as the design phase progresses.  Design is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

For more information, please call Sam Gutierrez, Director of Public Works, at (626) 960-4011, Ext. 460 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reference Documents

Drainage Area Figure [titled: BP Barnes Park – Drainage Area Figure.pdf]

Concept Figure [titled: BP Barnes Park – Concept Graphic.pdf]

Surface Improvements Figure [titled: BP Barnes Park  Surface Concept.pdf]