The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works manages all Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and infrastructure projects Citywide. The following are some major functions of this division:
  • Administration

    Responsible for budget preparation and overall administration of the Public Works Department.
  • Street Design and Engineering

    Manages and designs Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) such as the reconstruction and resurfacing of streets, sidewalks, curbs, sewers, alleys, and wheelchair ramps. This group is also responsible for establishing the Pavement Management Systems (PMS) that tracks the service life of all streets in the City. Related to this tracking system is the GASB34 program that tracks all infrastructure improvements and is related to the forming of CIP Projects.
  • Land Development and Permits

    Reviews and processes various Department permits (i.e. encroachment, sewer,utility, oversize load, etc.) plans and maps including grading and parcel/tract maps, and street closures permits.
  • Mapping

    Responsible for maintaining all City maps including those which diagram the City''s street systems. This Division is currently using Geographic Information System (GIS) Arc View 9.2 and AutoCAD LT 2006 to accomplish this.
  • Environmental Engineering

    Manages and monitors the Storm Water Program or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), for new developments and for the general pollution prevention of the City's storm water system, which feeds into the San Gabriel River and eventually into the ocean. To eliminate contamination (i.e. trash, oil, etc.) from entering the storm drain system, our Street Division, increased street sweeping to one time per week. 

    With the new NPDES permit, issued by the State Regional Quality Control Board, this program will become more stringent in an effort to protect our environment. Another function is the Industrial Waste Discharge Program, which permits commercial and industrial businesses to discharge, treated wastewater into the sewer system. Through this program inspections are done on an annual basis verify proper procedures and regulations are followed.

  • Building Capital Improvements

    Manages the design, construction, and planning of City owned buildings (City Hall, Community Center, Teen Center/Skate Park, Barnes Park Family Recreation Center, Public Works City Yard, Senior Center, Barnes Park Family Recreation Center, Family Service Center, Arts and Recreation Center)
  • Traffic Engineering / Management

    Responsible for traffic flow improvements initiated through traffic studies and approved through the traffic committee. Other responsibilities include the design and construct of traffic control devices, traffic signal installation, synchronization, signal timing and operation. Other responsibilities include managing and operating the Baldwin Park traffic monitoring center which is directly linked to Caltrans, District 7 via a T-1 to provide advanced traffic flow warnings on surrounding freeway systems. This section reviews traffic data and traffic related requests to present to the Traffic Committee. The Traffic Committee makes recommendations for the implementation of traffic control devices. Meetings are usually held on a monthly basis. 

    In 2008 the I-10 Freeway will be widened by Caltrans to include additional HOV lanes (carpool lanes) one in each direction.

  • Assessment District Engineering

    An assessment district may be formed in such cases were the street is private. Homeowners may request to form an assessment district to construct a new sewer and other street improvements. The City would then continue to maintain the street. Under an assessment district, homeowners are responsible for paying for such improvements over time.