Election & Voter Information

General Municipal Election for the City of Baldwin Park 2020
The next General Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 to elect 1 (one) Mayor and 2 (two) Council Members.

The City Council consists of a Mayor and four Council Members, for a total of five officials. These positions are elected by Baldwin Park citizens at large, and elections are held every two years. The offices of Mayor and City Council are non-partisan. The Mayor serves a term of two years, while City Councilmembers each serve a term of four years. Individuals seeking elective offices must be a United States citizen, a registered voter over the age of 18, and a resident of the City of Baldwin Park.

Voting Revolutionized
Los Angeles County is improving the manner in which we vote in 2020 with its new voting system, the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP.lavote.net).

· Any voter can use the new device.
· You will be able to vote 11 days prior to the election.
· No assigned polling locations, instead, you will be able to vote at ANY Vote Center throughout LA County.
· Same day voter registration allowed.

ADA Accessibility Requirements
· ADA accessible path of travel from the street/public transit to the front door.
· 32” wide doorways.
· ADA designated restrooms.
· On-site ADA designated parking.
· Free of internal barriers preventing wheelchair access.

The Ballot Marking Device
· Makes it easy for voters to customize the voting experience to fit their needs. Voters can access 13 languages.
· Adjustable touch screen to set at a comfortable angle.
· Modify display settings such as text size and contrast or go through the ballot using the audio headset and control pad.
· Secured device is private and confidential (not connected to a network or the internet).
· All accessibility features for individuals with disabilities (no need to visit a separate booth).

The Interactive Sample Ballot
· Convenient option for voters who want to access and mark their selections prior to arriving at the vote center.
· Using a computer, mobile phone or personal device voters’ can review their ballot information and make their selections.
· The Interactive Sample Ballot creates a Poll Pass (QR code) – like an airline boarding pass.
· Voters scan the Poll Pass to transfer their selections to the Ballot Marking Device (BMD). Then, a review screen will display allowing voters a chance to make changes or cast their ballot.

The Electronic Pollbooks (e-pollbook)
· Will replace the printed list of voters and will be used by vote center staff to verify the registration eligibility of a voter in real time.
· E-pollbooks will indicate if a voter has already voted anywhere in the County and will not allow voting at multiple locations.
· The voter information on the e-pollbooks is not connected to the Ballot Marking Device or the tally system. They remain independent from one another to protect a voter's personal information. Printed ballots do not contain any voter information.
· Voter registration information can be updated in real time.

Vote by Mail (What’s New?)
· New ballot cards and envelopes.
· Full face ballot.
· Easier to read, easier to fill out, and easier to understand.
· Return your vote by mail ballot via USPS.
· No postage necessary.
· May be dropped off at any voting location or ballot drop-off locations across LA County.
· Multilingual Ballots available in 12 languages [(800) 815-2666, option 3].
· Vote by Mails are mailed approximately 29 days before the election.
· Track your vote by mail online at LAvote.net.

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