Enrique C. Zaldivar P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 626-813-5204
Fax: 626-337-2965
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Awards and Affiliations
  • California, Registered Professional Civil Engineer

Enrique was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer/City Manager by the City Council in June 2021. He is tasked with executing the City Council’s ambitious agenda for the City of Baldwin Park, working hand-in-hand with the City’s Executive Team made up of all the Department Directors. Utilizing his vast and comprehensive executive management experience, Enrique will capitalize on the dedication and commitment of the City staff to effectively carryout the goals and objectives of the City Council on behalf of the nearly 80,000 residents of the City. As the City recovers from the effects of the Covid Pandemic, essential constituent services must be maintained. Public safety, parks, public works, recreation, housing, solid waste management, environmental protection, stormwater and flood protection, graffiti prevention and removal, economic development, transportation, building and safety, utilities, and many other services that residents rely on city government to provide a high quality of life in their neighborhoods. Baldwin Park’s strategic and fortunate geographic location in the region gives the Hub of the Valley City a unique attribute as a great place to live, work, and do business.

Prior to joining the Baldwin Park City Team,  Enrique was the Director and General Manager of the LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN) Agency of the City of Los Angeles. At over 3500 employees and a budget of over $1.2 Billion, LASAN is one of the largest departments in the City. Enrique was LASAN’s General Manager for nearly fourteen years, until his retirement in June 2021. Enrique was originally appointed to LASAN by Mayor Antonio Villarraigosa and reappointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti. Under Enrique’s executive  leadership, LASAN successfully launched the City’s 2035 Recycled Water Program where one-hundred percent of the City’s wastewater will be recycled for beneficial use in local water supplies; LASAN achieved one of the highest resource recovery rates in the nation with over 75% of the City’s solid waste being recycled; Unprecedented investments were made in Watershed Protection infrastructure, biodiversity, environmental justice, and brownfields remediation. Launched the CARE (Comprehensive Cleaning and Rapid Engagement) and Livability Services Program that provides services of basic quality of life nature to housed and unhoused residents.

Enrique is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona in Civil and Environmental Engineering, where he also did some graduate studies. He did one year of undergraduate work at UCLA and considers himself part Bruin. Enrique and his wife Brenda have three kids  Carina, Alonzo, and Enrique Jr.