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pdf A 02 01 2023 Housing Manager Employment Agreement Imelda Delgado Popular

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Download (pdf, 431 KB)

A_02-01-2023 Housing Manager Employment Agreement- Imelda Delgado.pdf

pdf A 03 01 2023 Chief Deputy City Clerk Shirley Quinones Popular

By 276 downloads

Download (pdf, 479 KB)

A_03-01-2023 Chief Deputy City Clerk- Shirley Quinones.pdf

default A 03 15 2023 First Amendment to Chief of Police Robert Lopez Agreement Popular

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A_03-15-2023 First Amendment to Chief of Police Robert Lopez Agreement.pdf

pdf A 04 20 2023 Finance Manager Employment Agreement Henry Chao Popular

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A_04.20.2023_Finance Manager Employment Agreement_Henry Chao.pdf

pdf A 05 17 23 First Amendment to Director of Public Works Agreement Samuel Gutierrez Popular

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A_05.17.23_First Amendment to Director of Public Works Agreement_Samuel Gutierrez.pdf

pdf A 07 19 2023 City Planner Employment Agreement Nicholas C Baldwin

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A_07.19.2023_City Planner_Employment Agreement_Nicholas C. Baldwin.pdf

pdf A 09 20 23 Accounting Manager Employment Agreement Albert Trinh New

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A_09.20.23_Accounting Manager_Employment Agreement_Albert Trinh.pdf

default A 2021 05 19 Enrique C Zaldivar CEO Employment Popular

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A_2021-05-19 - Enrique C. Zaldivar CEO Employment.pdf

pdf A 2022 12 22 Human Resources Risk Manager Ana Karina Rueda Popular

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A_2022-12-22- Human Resources- Risk Manager- Ana Karina Rueda.pdf

pdf Chief of Police Agreement dated February 18, 2021 Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.10 MB)

COP Agreement Agmt.2.18.21 (RNT).pdf

pdf Manuel Carrillo Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.98 MB)

Manuel Carrillo.pdf

pdf Ronald Garcia Director of Community Development Agreement Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.42 MB)

Ronald Garcia Director of Community Development Agreement.pdf

pdf Rose Tam Popular

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pdf Sam Gutierrez Popular

By 2656 downloads

Download (pdf, 107 KB)

Sam Gutierrez.pdf

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