Monday, 03 August 2015
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In Baldwin Park, there are six corner stores for every supermarket, and the incidence of obesity is among the highest in San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles Counties. As a result, local residents from the Baldwin Park Resident Advisory Committee and teens from Healthy Teens on the Move are leading the way in improving healthy food selections in Baldwin Park corner stores. The effort led by the Healthy Eating Active Communities Initiative (HEAC) seeks to reduce marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages in Baldwin Park and increase healthy food and beverage offerings in corner stores near schools.

The “Healthy Selection” campaign was created by residents and teens in collaboration with the City of Baldwin Park, CCPHA, Kaiser Permanente, Citrus Valley Health Partners, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and small corner store business owners to improve access to healthy food. The “Healthy Selection” logo was created by a one of the local teens from the City of Baldwin Park. The logo is featured in your favorite grocery aisles to identify products with minimal salt, fat and sugar content that comply with California Laws SB12 and SB 965, which set healthy requirements for snacks and beverages in schools. The campaign hopes that such community action will help consumers look more closely at the foods they are buying to make healthy selections a part of their daily life.

Look for the “Healthy Selection” logos at participating stores, including La Blanquita, Mercado del Pueblo, El Mambi, J & J Liquor, Jay’s Liquor, Vallarta, Smart & Final & 7-Eleven. For more information on how to get involved in the program or how to become a healthy business leader in Baldwin Park, please contact Judy Rabbani, HEAC Marketing Consultant or Christina Cardenas, CCPHA Advocate Coordinator at (626) 962-5900.

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